Givling App: Play Trivia, Win Money to Repay Mortgage or Student Loans

The Givling app has been around for a few years. However, in the last year or so, it’s really gained traction. More and more people are on their phones playing trivia. It’s promoted primarily as a “student loan repayment” app. However, you can also win money to repay your mortgage. So, if you have student loans and/or a mortgage bill, then you might want to check out the app.

What is Givling?

Givling is an iPhone and Android app. You sign up and play trivia. The more often you play, the better your chances of winning. As you win, you have the opportunity to get a few cash prizes. More importantly, you have the chance to win huge amounts of money to repay student debt or mortgage debt. You can win up to $50000 for student debt repayment or $25000 for mortgage debt repayment.

You Can Play for Free Or You Can Better Your Chances By Paying

Like many trivia apps (and survey apps, and other similar money-making apps), there are different options within the tool. You can download and play for free. Doing so gives you a certain number of chances to win money. However, you can also pay for a variety of options on Givling. As you do, you increase your chances of winning.

How the Givling Game Works

In order to understand why paying money betters your odds, you have to understand how Givling works.

First, you start off as a regular player. You’re assigned to a team. As a team, you answer trivia questions. Each round has thirty questions. You play until you get three wrong answers. You get points for each right answer.

At the end of each week, whichever team on the app has the most points wins a cash award. This is pure cash. You don’t have to use it to pay off student debt or mortgage debt.

However, if you do want to pay off student debt or mortgage debt, then those points matter. You have to earn enough points to get into the Live Funding Queue. There are only ten people in the queue at a time, so only the highest point-earners get the chance to pay off their student / mortgage loans with Givling.

What Costs Money on Givling

In order to earn more points for the possibility of getting into that queue, you probably have to pay some money. Some of the things that you can pay for on Givling include:

  • Play more than two free trivia games every twenty-four hours
  • Buy sponsor products that are offered through the app
  • Shop for products, such as t-shirts, in the Givling store

That said, there are some actions that help you get more points for free. You can watch ads and take surveys within the game. They have Facebook promotions. They offer referral points. So it’s theoretically possible to get enough points to play in the Live Funding Queue without paying money. However, your chances are better when you pay to play more often.

Is Givling a Scam?

I haven’t personally won anything off of Givling. However, there are many reports online of people who have. Several legitimate news sources have done some research and found that Givling is not a scam. If you play daily, then you have a chance to win.

That said, there are a lot of people competing for those prizes. The chance that you’re going to win is slim as a result. However, if you like to play trivia games anyway, then there’s no harm in giving it a try. You’ll have some fun on your phone in your downtime. You just might win.

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