Savings Difference Between Caffeine Pills and Coffee

Savings Between Caffeine Pills and Coffee

Do you love your coffee in the morning? I know plenty of people who can not start their day without coffee. For them, it is the ultimate pick-me-up for their day. Personally, I love a cup every now and again, with some deliciously flavored creamer. Yummy! For those of you who enjoy a cup every day, is it cost-effective, or is there a better way to get your dose of caffeine? Check out the savings difference between caffeine pills and coffee for comparison.

Cost and Benefits of Coffee

Coffee doesn’t just taste good, it has positive health benefits. It can boost physical performance by helping you burn fat and lose weight. It can also keep you alert and reduce your risk of heart disease and Type ll diabetes when consumed properly. While the benefits are great, how much is it costing you on average? If you’re picking up your coffee at a local coffee shop, you may be paying roughly $2.70 a cup. In a month, you are spending roughly $54 to $100. That’s upward of $1000 per year. Wow, all for a little cup of joe.

Cost and Benefits of Caffeine Pills

While some benefits of caffeine pills are similar to coffee, they also have additional health properties. They help reduce the occurrence of headaches and constipation. Also, they provide an instant energy boost, grant you sharper mental focus, and help to decrease depressive symptoms. When it comes to cost, they have coffee, beat. A single bottle costs as low as $10 and carries 80-100 tablets. For just $30-$40 bucks, you can get a 365 day supply. That cuts your coffee budget by between $600-$900 a year.

Are You Making the Switch?

Coffee tastes great, and some of you all love having it as a simple pleasure in life. That’s ok. You should have and experience things you love. If you are only drinking coffee for a caffeine boost, this may be the way to go. There is a savings difference between caffeine pills and coffee. Is it enough to make you make the switch?

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