Should You Tip 1800GotJunk?

should you tip 1800GotJunk

Yesterday I was able to massively declutter my home. Unfortunately, a lot of it had to be hauled away by 1800GotJunk. Therefore, I had to pay for the service. As I was making out the bill, I found myself wondering, “should you tip 1800GotJunk staff?”

How Does 1800GotJunk Work?

If you’ve never used this junk removal service before, here’s basically how it works:

  • You gather all of your items that you want them to pick up.
  • Then you call or go online to schedule a pickup time.
  • They ask you exactly what you’re getting rid of.
  • At the scheduled time, they come pick it up.
  • You pay a fee based on how much of their truck it fills up. Don’t worry; they do give you a quote before they start loading up the truck so you can change your mind if you need to.
  • Then they take it all away.

Benefits of 1800GotJunk

I’ve used 1800GotJunk several times. Based on my experience, here are some things I like:

  • It’s super easy to book an appointment. I’ve done so both via phone and online. And I can usually get an appointment within a few days of the call.
  • You are assigned a delivery window. They call that day to confirm when they’re likely to be there. I’ve never had them show up late.
  • They send out a team of two strong people. They’ve always been friendly as well as efficient. Moreover, they’ve always gotten the job done really fast.
  • I’m able to get rid of everything at once. This is in contrast to trying to give things away for free or take multiple trips to a landfill.

Drawbacks to a Junk Removal Service

Using a junk removal service is not my preferred way to declutter my home. Obviously, I’d rather sell what I can so that I can make money decluttering. At the very least, I’d like to use bulky collection pickup because it’s free. It’s definitely a drawback to have to pay people to haul my things away.

That said, it’s always a good reminder for me not to collect so much junk. Whether it’s trash or extra goods or whatever, it reminds me that when it comes to “reduce, reuse, recycle” that recycle is the last one.

So, Should You Tip 1800GotJunk?

I’ve used 1800GotJunk several times. And to be honest, I don’t think it ever occurred to me to tip before. I pay with a credit card so it’s possible I automatically added a tip and just don’t remember. But this time I suddenly thought, “wait, do I tip these guys?”

I think it occurred to me because one of the things I had them haul away was some really nasty pet-soiled grass patches that were heavy and gross. So I had thought to myself, “they’re good humans to be doing this with a smile for me.” And then I thought I should tip them.

How Much to Tip Junk Removal Service Providers

So I looked it up. On the 1800GotJunk website it says that tipping is not required or expected. However, tipping is allowed and appreciated. They add the following guidelines if you want to tip:

  • Tip the same rate you would tip a lawn care professional or even a waiter.
  • A tip can be a reward for someone you see is doing a really great job.
  • Consider tipping when you’ve got a particularly rough job – such as removing a lot of junk from outside during really terrible weather.

So, basically, tipping etiquette is the same as it is for any other service where it’s not required but is a nice thing to do.

I Decided That Yes, I Do Tip

Now I’ll say that I tend to be a heavy and frequent tipper. I mean, I watch my budget and care about frugality. But my values that make it important to me to be kind and generous when it’s right to do so. So I err on the side of tipping in most instances.

I tipped in this case because of that but also because:

  • As I said, they did a nastier than usual job for me here.
  • The team was really great, and I appreciated it.
  • It’s COVID times. They followed all of the protocols and were really safe. They’re doing a hard job during a rough time.

Would you tip a junk removal service provider?

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