Things Frugal People Never Buy

Things Frugal People Never Buy

Im am not cheap I am frugal. There is a negative connotation of being cheap. Someone cheap is only concerned about price. They want what they want for the lowest price available. A frugal person takes cost and quality into consideration. Most often, they will make a well-researched purchase based on the quality of an item, how long it will last over time, and get it at the most affordable price. If the items aren’t of quality, they may just opt-out. While frugal people buy a lot of things, here are things frugal people never buy.

The Latest Models Cars

I just purchased a new car. Do you think it was the latest 2021 Buick Encore? No, it was not. I could have easily spent a few extra 1,000 for the newest upgrades, but I did not, and other frugal buyers would not either. Everyone knows when you purchase the latest model vehicle off the lot, the value plummets. Most frugal people would rather not waste that kind of money. Many get a model two to three years younger. They likely have many of the same great features, low gas mileage, and a better price tag. I shaved $9,000 off just by opting for used.

Latest in Technology

New gadgets come out all the time. With that being said frugal people do not buy the latest tech just because it’s new and shiny. They stick to what they already have and use it until it has run its course. At that point, a frugal person will compare the options available, paying close attention to affordability, longevity, and quality. After comparing similar tech on the market, they will make a well-informed decision on what to buy.

Take, for instance, my cell phone. I purchased it three years ago after an incident at work left it trapped in a toilet bowl. I paid off the contract in the first year and did not run out to get a new one. Instead, I have been using and will be using this one until it dies on me, saving me money in the long run. Besides wasting money, you should never get the latest teach as soon as it drops. It is likely to have issues that won’t get identified and hammered out before it gets restocked on the shelves.

Name Brands

It’s okay to purchase name-brand products if they are high quality and can last a long time. Aside from your few good stores, all name brands are not built equally. Many times such brands come out of the same warehouses as the off-brand products people talk down on. A frugal person will not waste money on these products they opt for the store-branded product with the same quality but a more affordable price instead.

Cable Television

Lastly, cable is costly. There is no reason television should cost hundreds of dollars. A frugal person knows it’s not worth it. Instead, they opt for streaming services. They compare the streaming services available and only pay for the ones they will get the most use from. They may even pick out some free services to round out the channel offerings available to them. With my Amazon Prime subscription, I get Amazon movies. I pay  $1.99 a month for Hulu and share a Netflix account. I also watch some free shows on Roku tv and Peacock to keep costs down.

There is a difference between being frugal and being cheap. A frugal person places quality and price as high value when determining what to purchase. While they buy lots of things, there are several things they would not like cable television, the latest tech, and name brands. Whats are some items you won’t buy?

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