Tricks for Saving Money on Braces

Orthodontic treatment is a common solution for malocclusions. Misaligned teeth affect people from all walks of life, and about 50-75% of individuals could benefit from orthodontic treatment. Nevertheless, the high cost of orthodontic treatment usually prevents people from accessing it. Fortunately, there are various tips people can use to cut down treatment costs and save money. The following are helpful tricks for saving money on braces.


1. Compare Prices

One trick for saving money on braces is to compare prices because different orthodontists charge dissimilar prices. Costs vary from one orthodontist to another, based on location, target market, type of facility, and other significant factors. Therefore, it would be best to conduct research to find affordable braces. You can do research online, ask for references from friends and family, or book an appointment with various orthodontists to determine their prices. Comparing prices will help you find orthodontists selling braces at relatively lower prices.


2. Opt for a Dental School

Receiving orthodontic treatment in a dental school is a smart way of saving money on braces. You can save up to 50% or more on braces by getting orthodontic treatment from students in a dental school. The good thing is that the process is done under the supervision of a dental professional, meaning that you will get quality services at lower prices. The only disadvantage of visiting a dental school is that the treatment may take a more extended period because students will be learning, asking questions, and taking notes during the procedure.

3. Get a Discount

More than 10 million individuals, including 1.4 million teenagers, have used Invisalign clear aligners to transform their smiles. Luckily, you can improve your smile by getting a discount of up to 20% on braces, especially if you pay upfront using cash. Before paying, be sure to negotiate with your orthodontist to determine how much discount you can receive.


4. Get Early Treatment

According to a survey, 47% of teens with Invasilign admitted to having increased self-esteem during the treatment process compared to 22% of teens using metal braces. Apart from boosting self-esteem, seeking orthodontic treatment earlier in life before reaching teenage years is an effective way of saving money on braces. That’s because early treatments need fewer adjustments and have lesser complications than prolonged conditions.


5. Sign Up for Low-Income Household Programs

There exist various dental health programs for people residing in low-income households. To qualify for some of these programs, applicants must come from low-income families and live in certain parts of a city or state. Other programs are open for children who neither have insurance coverage nor other medical assistance. Signing up for such programs would enable you to get free orthodontic treatment and save you the money you could have otherwise used to seek treatment in conventional facilities.


6. Use Insurance

You can use insurance to pay for braces and treatment. Since insurers partially or fully cover orthodontic treatment, using insurance to cover your dental treatment can save you up to 50% of the treatment fees. Review your insurance to determine if you have dental or orthodontic insurance. Such insurance covers often have discounts and cater to the cost of various things, including examination, imaging, and braces.


7. Join a Dental Savings Plan

You can also save money on braces by joining a dental savings plan. These plans are developed for people aiming to save money on their dental care. According to the plan, you can pay an agreed amount that is usually 10%-60% of the actual price of braces. Be sure to join a dental savings plan offered by credible companies to avoid fraudulent issues.


Bottom Line

These are some of the tricks you can use to save money on braces. Book an appointment with a professional today if you need orthodontic treatment or have inquiries.


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