5 Treats I Should Probably Stop Spending Money On

5 Treats I Should Probably Stop Spending Money On

I’m trying really hard to figure out how to lower my expenses. As I’ve explained before when sharing my budget with you, I typically tend to look at how to reduce my big expenses. For example, I spend a fortune on food, which I have been cutting back on. However, there are smaller treats that I could cut back to save here and there.

5 Treats I Should Cut Back On To Save Money

If I truly want to live a frugal lifestyle, then there are some regular treats that I could cut back on. These would allow me to save small but significant bits of money:

1. Wine and Cocktails

I’ve actually been cutting back on drinking since the start of the year. It had become such a habit to always have a drink or a cocktail with dinner. I’m lucky not to have a medical problem with alcohol consumption. However, I do feel better when I drink less. And it’s definitely WAY better for my budget. I’ve still purchased some, though, so I could certainly cut back further here.

2. Streaming Television Services

I did cut back on this to a certain degree. I had quite a few streaming services in the past. In recent months I’ve canceled several of those. However, I re-purchased one of the more expensive ones (Philo). Whenever I struggle in life, I tune out to TV. It was an impulse purchase. So, canceling that again, along with my other streaming services, would be a great way to save steadily over time.

3. Craft Supplies

Art and crafts are a part of how I earn my living. Therefore it’s really easy to justify continued purchases in this category. However, I have plenty of all of the supplies that I need for the time being. I can easily continue to make the work that I want to make without buying more supplies for at least a few months. Therefore, I should pause this area. Then I should re-assess more realistic spending when it’s time to begin buying supplies again.

4. Gifts for Others

Buying gifts for others is a treat for me. I love getting something to surprise someone at a random time. Most recently, I bought a flower wreath to send to my sister after we both went through a hard time. While that’s certainly not something that I regret, it’s an area that I can cut back on if I want to save some money. After all, I can handmade gifts for significantly cheaper and they are just as special if not more so.

5. Travel Costs

I have several trips coming up. They were not cheap. And I have to be honest, I’m probably not going to cut back in this area at this immediate time. However, I have to put those trips on credit cards. Therefore, if I’m serious about living a frugal life, or at least living within my means, I need to look carefully at this decision.

Where could you cut back to live more frugally?

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