Wedding Wonders on a Budget: 25 Tricks to Trim Your Big Day Expenses

Weddings are a celebration of love, but they can also be a significant financial burden. According to The Knot, the average American wedding cost a whopping $30,000 in 2022! So you can understand why people want to make savings where possible.  While it’s wise to be budget-conscious, there’s a fine line between frugal and cheap. To cut costs, some couples inadvertently cross this line, leading to a wedding that feels less charming and more chintzy.

Here are 25 ‘frugal’ wedding ideas that might save you a few dollars but could also make your special day look cheap, potentially leaving you and your guests underwhelmed.

#1. DIY Invitations With Basic Printer Paper

basic printer for invitations
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Creating your own wedding invitations can add a personal touch, but using basic printer paper and home printing can make them look amateurish. These invitations are often guests’ first impression of your wedding, and low-quality paper with poor print can set a tone that feels more makeshift than magnificent.

#2. Potluck-Style Catering

potluck catering
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While a potluck wedding might seem like a cozy, community-centric idea, it can come across as you shirking the traditional hosting responsibilities. Guests might feel burdened to prepare and bring a dish, and the lack of professional catering can make the event feel disorganized and casual.

#3. Cash Bar

cash bar at wedding
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Opting for a cash bar can significantly reduce expenses, but it can also be a major disappointment for guests. It’s often seen as inhospitable to ask guests to pay for their drinks, especially when they’ve already spent money to attend your wedding.

#4. Skipping Professional Photography

blurred wedding photograph
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Forgoing a professional photographer and relying on guests to capture moments can lead to a lack of quality photos. While it saves money, you risk missing out on beautifully captured memories, and the photos you do get might not do justice to your special day.

#5. Using Artificial Flowers

artificial flowers
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Artificial flowers can be a cost-effective alternative to real blooms, but they can also look tacky if they’re of low quality. Cheap plastic flowers can detract from the aesthetic of your venue and are often easily distinguishable from the real thing.

#6. Plastic Utensils and Paper Plates

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Using disposable tableware might make sense for a casual backyard barbecue, but at a wedding, it can significantly cheapen the look and feel of the event. Plastic utensils and paper plates can make a formal occasion feel like a regular picnic.

#7. Overcrowded DIY Seating

wedding seating
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Trying to fit as many guests as possible into a small space with DIY seating can make your wedding feel cramped and uncomfortable. It can also look disorganized, as mismatched chairs and tables give a haphazard, last-minute vibe.

#8. Home-Baked Wedding Cake

wedding cake
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A home-baked wedding cake is a sweet gesture but can look unprofessional if you’re not skilled in cake decorating. A lopsided or poorly decorated cake can become an unintended focal point for all the wrong reasons.

#9. Sparse Decorations

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Minimalist decor can be elegant, but too little decoration can make your venue look bare and uninviting. Sparse decorations can give the impression of cutting corners rather than intentional simplicity.

#10. BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze)

Bring Your Own Alcohol
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While a BYOB policy can cut down on alcohol costs, it can also come across as tacky and unthoughtful. It places the burden of providing drinks on your guests, which can be a major turn-off.

#11. Handmade Wedding Attire

Handmade Wedding Attire
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Handmade wedding attire can be meaningful, but amateur sewing skills can lead to outfits that look homemade in a not-so-charming way. Ill-fitting or poorly made attire can detract from the elegance of your wedding.

#12. Electronic-Only Invitations

email wedding invitation
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Going paperless with electronic-only invitations can seem modern and eco-friendly, but it can also come across as informal and impersonal. For older guests or those not tech-savvy, it might even be inconvenient.

#13. Limited Food Options

sandwiches for wedding food
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Offering a minimal menu to cut costs can leave guests feeling unsatisfied. It can also come across as you not considering your guests’ diverse tastes and dietary needs.

#14. Backyard Venue Without Proper Setup

Backyard wedding
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A backyard wedding can be intimate and personal, but without proper setup, it can look more like a regular get-together than a wedding. A lack of professional decor, lighting, and seating can significantly diminish the charm.

#15. Skipping a DJ or Band

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Opting out of professional music and relying on a playlist can save money but also removes the dynamic and engaging experience a DJ or band provides. Music played over basic speakers can lack the impact and quality of professional sound.

#16. Overuse of DIY Decor

DIY Wedding Decor
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While DIY decor adds a personal touch, overdoing it can make the event feel cluttered and homemade. Balancing DIY elements with professional touches is important to maintain a polished look.

#17. Crowdfunding Your Honeymoon

crowdfunding honeymoon
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Asking guests to fund your honeymoon instead of traditional gifts seems tacky and overly forward. It can make guests feel like you’re asking them to pay for your post-wedding vacation.

#18. Second-Hand Wedding Dress Without Alterations

secondhand wedding dress
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Wearing a second-hand wedding dress is a wonderful way to save money and honor sustainability, but skipping necessary alterations can lead to a poor fit. An ill-fitting dress can detract from your overall look.

#19. Informal Email Thank-You Notes

email thank you notes
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Sending thank-you notes via email might be efficient, but it lacks the personal touch of handwritten notes. Email can come across as impersonal and may not convey your genuine appreciation.

#20. Self-Catering the Reception

self catering wedding
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Self-catering can save costs, but it’s a massive undertaking that can easily look unprofessional. The quality and presentation of the food might suffer, and the stress of self-catering can detract from your enjoyment of the day.

#21. Minimalist Wedding Bands

Minimalist Wedding Bands
Image Credit: Canva

Choosing overly simple or cheap wedding bands to save money can be a regret in the long run. These rings symbolize your commitment and are worn daily, so quality and durability are essential.

#22. Using a Friend as an Officiant Without Preparation

wedding officiant
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Having a friend officiate can be personal and meaningful, but proper preparation is necessary to avoid an awkward or disjointed ceremony. An inexperienced officiant might need help to keep the ceremony flowing smoothly.

#23. Limited Lighting

simple lighting for wedding
Image Credit: Canva

Poor lighting can affect the ambiance and the quality of your photos. Insufficient lighting can make your venue look dull and unwelcoming, making it difficult for guests to navigate the space.

#24. Overly Simple Bouquets

simple wedding bouquet
Image Credit: Shutterstock

While simple bouquets can be elegant, overly basic or sparse, bouquets look underwhelming. The bridal bouquet is a focal point and should have enough substance and style to stand out.

#25. Excessive Cost-Cutting on Guest Comfort

comfy wedding seats
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While it’s important to stick to a budget, excessively cutting costs at the expense of guest comfort can leave a lasting negative impression. Skimping on things like adequate seating, climate control, and restroom facilities can make guests feel undervalued.

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