Wendy’s to Reintroduce Beloved McDonald’s Treat in Bid to Boost Sales

Wendy’s is set to reintroduce a much-missed McDonald’s favorite that was dropped from the menu in 2020, looking to reap the sale benefits from McDonald’s reduced menu.

Wendy’s Takes McDonald’s Reject

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Fast-food chain Wendy’s has taken a previous McDonald’s favourite in a bid to skyrocket sales for 2024.

Borrowing a Familiar Morning Favorite

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Responding to consumer demand, Wendy’s plans to introduce its version of McDonald’s Cinnamelts.

Cinnamelts Dropped During Pandemic

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While McDonald’s sales dropped during the pandemic, the Cinnamelts also dropped due to the pandemic-induced menu simplification.

McDonald’s Drops Cinnamon Roll

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In July of 2020, McDonald’s also dropped the classic cinnamon roll from the pastry line, leaving a gap in the market for a sweet cinnamon treat.

Wendy’s Sales Swoop

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Wendy’s saw an opportunity to sweep the sales, rebranding the Cinnabon Cinnamelts as the “Pull-Apart.”

Cinnabon Pull-Apart

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Wendy’s is expected to announce a release date for the Cinnabon Pull-Apart, a bowl of delicious, gooey Cinnabon pastry and frosting.

Quality Focus Sets Wendy’s Apart

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Unlike traditional fast-food restaurants, which prioritize speed, Wendy’s carved its niche by stressing the quality of its burgers, marketing them as “fresh, never frozen.” 

Wendy’s Emerges as McDonald’s Main Rival

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Wendy’s has snuck up to secure the second spot in the U.S. fast-food burger market, surpassing Burger King and becoming a formidable challenger to McDonald’s dominance.

Will It Happen Again?

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Wendy’s has benefited from McDonald’s weaknesses before, what’s stopping them from doing it again by reintroducing the Pull-Apart to the American public?

Putting Wendy’s on the Map

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Clara Peller became the iconic “Where’s the Beef?” lady in a campaign during the 1980s, which famously mocked McDonald’s and put the new trendy Wendy’s on the map.

Boosting Sales

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By asking McDonald’s, “Where’s the Beef?” it made people question the undersized beef patties at the restaurant, boosting Wendy’s sales by 32%. 

Part of U.S. Culture

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The question, “Where’s the Beef?” even became a popular saying to describe “something lacking substance in pop culture.”

Wendy’s Bad Timing

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Wendy’s introduced breakfast items on its menu just before the pandemic lockdowns began, when Americans simply stopped eating breakfast outside due to the rise in remote working.

A Desperate Attempt

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Since then, Wendy’s has been desperate to tap into the breakfast market, hoping that the Cinnabon Pull-Apart, expected to be released at the end of February, will be the money-maker. 

Wendy’s Value and Innovation

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Wendy’s strategic success also stems from its focus on value for money, with offerings like the 4 for $4 and $5 Biggie Bags that help customers during the cost-of-living crisis.

Increased Popularity in 2022

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As of 2022, Wendy’s expanded its number of restaurants to 7000 and had a net worth of $4.2 billion.

Product Innovation Propels Wendy’s Growth

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Wendy’s gained recognition for its product innovation and quality ingredients, introducing unique combinations like the Baconator and Baconator Fries along with the iconic Frosty.

Fans Share Excitement

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“Wendy’s is teaming up with Cinnabon for new breakfast Pull-Aparts and I cannot wait to try these!” said the popular online reviewer Snackolator.

Dreaming of a Frosty Crossover

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“Now I hold out hope that someday Wendy’s will release a Cinnabon Frosty — that is a dream flavor that could be absolutely delicious,” the account said.

Hoping For a Hit

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After numerous years of attempting to break into the breakfast market, will the Cinnabon Pull-Apart be the hit Wendy’s has hoped for?

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