What is the Difference Between Being Frugal and Thrifty?

Thrifty vs Frugal

When you go out to shop, do you find yourself penny pitching? Are you budget-conscious when picking out items to buy, or do sacrifice quality for price? We all like to save money on shopping trips. With that being said, some of us can take it to the extreme of savings, while others not so much. Find out which side of the scale you fall under while we consider being thrifty vs frugal.


What Does it Mean to Be Thrifty?

When someone is thrifty, they take a hands-on approach to savings. They make use of old items and repurpose them into something fabulous and new. By repurposing outdated furniture and clothes, they can easily save. They can also turn their thrifty handiwork into income by selling their repurposed goods.

What Does it Mean to Be Frugal?

When someone is being frugal, it is intentional and careful consideration of what they spend money on. It is a skill most needed when you need to stretch a dollar. Frugality also means learning how to save and spend wisely. Someone who is frugal wants quality items for an affordable price. They may locate an item of need or want and research deals, discounts, and savings to help them acquire the item for less. They do all of this without sacrificing the lifestyle they are accustom to.

What Category Are You in?

When it comes to thrifty vs frugal, everyone is a winner. Those of you who are crafty and can transform old into new fall in line with thrifty. You have a natural talent for making things beautiful and saving money. For those of you who like your quality goods for less, you’re likely frugal. I am not crafty but I certainly love my coupons and deal finder tools. They help me get name brand and other quality items for less. ‘

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