Why Blogging is My Jam


The first thing I ever wanted to be was a writer. I filled notebooks with short stories or character descriptions or drawings of the fantasy worlds I was creating in my head. I was dead set on being a writer as a grown up.

I got a little sidetracked over the years with other ambitions: President, actress, lawyer, Supreme Court Judge. (I had a serious political phase.) Deep down though, writing never left my heart. I always journaled and wrote in some capacity. After I graduated from college with my English degree the fire was burning brighter than ever. I wanted to share my stories with the world! Only I didn’t quite get there until this past December.

Unfortunately, the cost of the real world hit me harder than ever. My writing was fun and fulfilling but it wasn’t paying any bills. So I let things slide for a few years…until one day I wrote and submitted an article on debt payoff to Reddebted Stepchild. I was deep into the personal finance world at that point and completely obsessed with paying off my debt. I spent hours online reading personal finance blogs and this one had an offer right there on the page: submit an article and get paid $5. So I did! And I’ve been blogging ever since.

That one article changed my life. It was the jumpstart I needed to start blogging on my own. And it opened up doors in the personal finance world that I didn’t know existed, let alone would have be able to go after.

See, a lovely lady named Cat Alford runs Reddebted Stepchild and is a big name in the personal finance world. She’s a total badass: she supports her husband and two children right now while her husband is wrapping up his medical degree. She writes full time and runs several blogs. She’s kind of a wonder woman and has been incredibly helpful to me as I have stepped into the blogosphere.



Hey it’s Cat!

If you’re interested in writing online in any capacity, Cat is offering a course called ‘Get Paid to Write For Blogs’. Throughout the course she’ll take you from how to get started to writing a good pitch to handling rejection. Cat will even give you the behind the scenes look of freelance writing, like how to handle your taxes and balance a busy schedule.

Cat has lived her own course. She started writing online five years ago and has successfully navigated the ups and downs of this world throughout her engagement, wedding and the birth of her two adorable twins. She has started blogs, managed blogs and written for big name sites like the Huffington Post. If you’re interested in learning how to make money through online writing Cat’s course will teach you how.

And right now you can get 15% off the course! I think y’all know that this is not a blog where I’m selling stuff and I would never put anything on here that I didn’t 100% believe in. If you’d like more info on Cat and the class you can head over to one of her websites, Budget Blonde, and see what she’s all about. I admire Cat and if you want to get some guidance in this wild and crazy freelance world out there, her course is the way to go.


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