5 Things Always Worth The Cost to Me (And 5 Things That Aren’t)

5 Things Always Worth The Cost to Me (And 5 Things That Aren't)

As adults with finite resources, we have to make decisions about how we want to spend our money. After all, we only have a certain amount in the budget. Therefore, we have to decide how to spend it. Here are five things that I always think are worth my money. Moreover, here are another five things that I don’t think are worth spending a lot on at all.

5 Things That Are Worth The Cost

Here are five things that I’m typically willing to spend more than average on. Moreover, I rarely or never regret those expenses.

1. Travel To Be With My Family

My siblings and my parents and I all live in different parts of the United States. While we can talk on the phone and text daily, there’s just nothing like that in person contact. Therefore, I try to see them at least once per year in person, if not more than that. Sometimes I’ve had to put those trips on credit cards. While that was poor planning, I still never regretted it. That time is invaluable.

2. Scrapbooks

I maintain a big collection of photo scrapbooks. I love to document everything that I’ve done with people. Moreover, I tend to have a terrible memory. Therefore, scrapbooks help me remember the good times. I’ve tried many different forms of scrapbooks over the years. Some cost more than others. I’m never upset with the cost I spend to create these amazing memories for myself. I also love making them as gifts for others. No, I’ve never regretted that cost either.

3. Dog’s Walkers and Petsitting

My dog is a two-year-old puppy who needs to get out and socialize with other dogs. Of course I could save money by taking him to the dog park myself several times per day. However, that interrupts my work schedule, which ends up costing me money in some ways. Moreover, my pup loves his pack. He’s thrilled when they show up every weekday to pick up him up and take him out with his friends. And when I go on overnight trips that he can’t come on, I leave him with those same people and dogs for petsitting. It’s well worth his joy, my time, and our money.

Along those same lines, I’ve never regretted paying for his high quality food and treats. Moreover, I pay for his pet insurance and that’s always worth it as well. Caring well for my dog is a financial priority.

4. Spa Massages

My body feels better when I get regular massages. It just does. And when my body feels better, my life feels better. If I could afford to get them weekly, I would. As it is, my budget allows once every month or two. It’s always worth it.

5. Good Food and Food Delivery

I admit that I probably spend more on food than I should. Honestly, I do look for ways to cut back. However, I really love good, organic, healthy food from sources that I can trust. Moreover, I love to get it delivered directly to my door since I’m in an urban area and don’t drive. Although sometimes I do fiddle with this part of the budget, overall the cost is worth it to me.

5 Things That Aren’t Worth Their Cost

Here are a few things I don’t think are worth spending a lot of money on.

1. Haircuts

I’ve cut and dyed my own hair for well over a decade. This absolutely works for me.

2. Mani / Pedi Spa Services

I just don’t enjoy them that much. Therefore, I don’t go get them. I don’t do waxing or whatnot either. Just not my thing.

3. Gym Memberships

These are so worth it for some people. I am not one of those people.

4. Concerts

About once every two years I’ll pay to go to a concert with friends. It’s a social thing for me. I’d happily prefer to go to a theater production or some other form of entertainment. Not to say I don’t enjoy concerts. But big concerts (as opposed to local music) generally aren’t worth their cost to me.

5. Housecleaning

Honestly if I had a ton of money, then I’d absolutely have someone clean my house every week. I don’t enjoy cleaning. When I’ve had regular cleaners, it’s been nice. However, when it comes to looking at my financial priorities, this simply doesn’t make my cut.

What are your financial priorities? What are the things you don’t care about spending money on at all?

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