Can Eating the Same Meal Every Day Make You Rich?

Eating the same meal every day

What would you say if someone tod you that they were eating the same meal every day? If you’re anything like me, then you would ask why. I’d probably assume it had to do with dietary restrictions. However, it turns out that’s not the only benefit or reason. Rocco Pendola of Making of a Millionaire started eating the same thing every day during the pandemic. And while it began for dietary reasons, it turned out that it saves money in a variety of ways.

The Cost of Eating The Same Meal Every Day

You might think that in order to save money then you have to eat something cheap every day. In fact, your mind my drift to the pizza and Ramen of college days. However, Pendola chose a healthy variety of different produce and protein to include in his daily meals. He wants to sustain healthy eating for a lifetime.

Nevertheless, once you’ve established what you’re going to eat every day, you do save money on food. First of all, you don’t give in to impulse purchases at the grocery store or when ordering delivery. You just buy the same thing every time. Second, you don’t spend money going out to eat. Third, although Pendola didn’t mention it, your meal costs are the same very month so it must be very easy to budget for this part of life. If you need to cut back on spending, then you could review your daily meal.

You Have More Time and More Energy For Work

Eating the same meal every day means that you never have to stop to think about what you’re going to eat. Therefore, you don’t impact your decision fatigue levels. Instead of wasting time thinking about what you’re going to have for breakfast, you wake up and start making more important decisions. Pendola says he’s more effective and productive as a result of not having to think about meals anymore.

Additionally, of course, you can increase your energy with healthy food choices. If you find the daily meals that work for your body, then you might have more energy on this type of diet. Consequently, you have more energy for productive money-earning things.

It’s Really About The Mindset

Pendola says that eating the same meal every day changes the way that you think about things. He sees wealth-building as a holistic process. You don’t just make efforts to save money. Instead, you approach life deliberately, making choices that save and earn money in every area of life.

In this instance, his new meal choices brought about an unexpected level of routine. It wasn’t just routine in the kitchen. Instead, it created space for more routine in his life as a whole. This adds to his efficiency.

Specifically, he says, “Regular people … don’t get rich without serious deliberation of who they are and what motivates them.” By making the choice to think consciously about each aspect of daily life, we have the potential to increase our wealth. Starting with when, how, and what we choose to eat is a great place.

Curious About Eating The Same Way Every Day

I have to admit that I’m really curious about this. At the same time, I’m resistant to it. I love different foods in different seasons. I enjoy going out to meals with friends. However, I’m also aware that my resistance could point to something that’s worth looking at. I am aware that I spend a ridiculous amount of money on food. So, I do believe that I could save money by trying this approach to life. It would be interesting to see if it positively impacted my mindset and money in other ways. Will I try it? I’m on the fence. Will you try it?

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