Super Bowl Ads Hope to Revive Bud Light’s Reputation After Controversy

Bud-Light is attempting to rebuild its relations with America’s beer drinkers after a controversial year by splashing the cash on Lionel Messi and the Super Bowl. Will it work? Here’s what we know.

Super Bowl Redemption Strategy

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Anheuser-Busch InBev (A-B), the parent company of Bud Light, aims to revive its popularity among beer drinkers with three Super Bowl commercials.

Boycott Issues

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Drinkers attempted to boycott the sales of Bud Light after they accused the beer company of going woke by collaborating with transgender star Dylan Mulvaney.

Diverse Ad Spots

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The company is planning three diverse commercials featuring soccer star Lionel Messi, Budweiser’s Clydesdales, and football fans enjoying Bud Light.

Transgender Influencer Controversy

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In April, A-B’s personalized Bud Light campaign for transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney sparked a boycott and sales slump.

Celebrity Boycott and Sales Impact

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Influential, right-wing figures across the country called for a Bud Light boycott, resulting in a decline in sales and Modelo Especial claiming the top spot in the country’s beer sales.

A-B’s Loss Of Sales

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A-B reported a loss of 13% of their sales in the third quarter due to the backlash from Bud Light drinkers.

Timing Matters for Bud-Light’s Rebuild

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A-B’s Chief Commercial Officer Kyle Norrington argued that timing is everything when rebuilding a brand’s image, and they should choose their moments carefully.

The Right Brand for the Right Moment

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“We need to make sure for these moments of massive reach that we choose the right brands to meet the moment,” Norrington argued.

Super Bowl Opportunity Too Big to Miss

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“Not only on the TV screen but brands that can really scale out the opportunity that Super Bowl and the NFL playoffs and everything else provide,” Norrington continues.

Captivating the Audience

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“The Super Bowl is advertising’s biggest moment,” claimed Norrington in a press release, “and our goal is to once again captivate our audience when the world is watching.”

Expert Insight

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Marketing professor Raphael Thomadsen suggested rebuilding the brand’s image will take time and will not bring back old customers with just a few Superbowl adverts.

Marathon Not a Sprint

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“It’s a process,” Thomadsen argued, “I doubt that there’s a Super Bowl ad and sales are back in March — but it sets the tone,” she claimed.

Company’s Long-Term Strategy

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Super Bowl ads from Bud Light aim to revive the beer’s public appeal after the detrimental boycott of its sales, and it won’t be A-B’s first rodeo at the Superbowl commercial break.

50 Years of Experience

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A-B has been producing Super Bowl commercials for nearly 50 years, which it says “have been imprinted in the hearts and minds of beer drinkers and football fans across the country,” in a press release.

Changing Hearts of Football Fans

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Norrington hopes that the commercial will change the hearts of football fans and beer drinkers in America through “unmatched creative storytelling, seamless trade integrations, record-breaking consumer sweeps, robust media plans, and on-the-ground activations.”

Capturing Hearts Through Music

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CEO Michel Doukeris said, “They want Bud Light to concentrate on the platforms that all consumers love, such as NFL, Folds of Honor, and music,

Unifying Audiences

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Thomadsen suggested A-B aims to recapture the magic of Bud Light’s appeal to a broad audience with familiar music and popular figures.

Bringing Back the Magic

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“I certainly think that Budweiser through Bud Light is trying to bring back the old magic that they had where Bud Light was there to appeal to everyone,” said Thomasden.

Efforts to Rebuild Consumer Base

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A-B’s attempt to focus on less divisive collaborations doesn’t just involve Lionel Messi and the Super Bowl. They’ve also teamed up with popular country star Zach Bryan and the UFC.

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