How to Get Cash Back with the Earny App

If you aren’t using Earny yet, you are missing out. This is a tool that allows you to get cash back on your previous purchases. In other words, if you are spending money anyway, then a tool like this can help you reduce your costs.

Of course, you save more money by not spending in the first place. You shouldn’t use apps as an excuse to spend just because of the potential for getting some of that money back. That said, if you can control your spending, then Earny might help you increase your savings.

How Earny Works

If you are familiar with Paribus, then you will understand how Earny works. The tool scans your email for receipts. Then it monitors prices on those items. If the price drops within a certain time period, then you get cash back.

Some people call this a rebate app. However, it’s more accurate to call it a price drop app. Rebate apps, such as Ibotta, rely primarily on searching for rebates before you make a purchase. In contrast, price drop apps help you save money if there’s a reduction in price on items you’ve already purchased.

You have different options for how to get your cash back with Earny. The company uses your credit card company’s price protection plan, so you can opt to get the money back directly on your credit card. Alternatively, you can let the money accrue in Earny. Then you can request a check or PayPal transfer. This is a nice way to get some extra cash when you most need it.

Limitations of Getting Cash Back with Earny

Earny and other similar apps won’t work well for everyone. First of all, the app needs to be able to scan your email for receipts. Therefore, if you don’t keep your receipts in your email, then it’s not going to help you. For example, my sister loves to pay cash for everything. This app can’t help her.

If you pay for items with a credit card, then Earny can help you get cash back. If you do a lot of shopping online, then it can help you get cash back. However, you do have to give it access to your credit card and email login information. The site is secure, but many people still hesitate to give out this personal information. According to Money Done Right, Earny shares your personal information with third-party vendors so that you might get promotional emails as a result. Do note that they share your contact information but not your credit card or login information, so it’s still as secure as you can ask for in this digital world.

Earny works with specific retailers to monitor their prices. When a price drops on an item you purchased (within a certain time frame), you get back the difference. However, it doesn’t work well for people who like to shop locally and with independent sellers and small businesses. If you shop at big box stores, then Earny can work well for you.

At a Minimum, Earny is Worth a Try

Earny is free. Therefore, you have the opportunity to save money with this app without having to pay a fee. As long as you’re comfortable sharing your login information with them, there is no real downside to signing up for the app.

Of course, the company needs to make money, too. They take 25% of the amount that they get back for you. Moreover, they charge that to the credit card you’ve set up on file with them. Therefore, even though you’re getting cash back, you will also see Earny charges. Be aware of that as you work with the site.

Consider Other Price Drop Apps

Earny isn’t your only option. There are a variety of different price drop apps. Paribus is more established, so you might want to give that a go instead. Do your research and find the app that’s best for you.

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