Illinois Taxpayers Footing Bill for Pritzker’s $52.7 Billion Budget Proposal

Governor J.B. Pritzker of Illinois just dropped a big $52.7 billion budget plan, and it’s stirring up quite a conversation. He’s aiming to tackle some big issues, and everyone’s got something to say about it. A Big Money Move Pritzker’s throwing a lot of cash towards schools, help for migrants, and social stuff. He’s planning […]

Planned Parenthood Takes on Wisconsin Supreme Court in Fight for Abortion Rights

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is making headlines with a groundbreaking move: petitioning the state Supreme Court to recognize abortion as a constitutional right.  Planned Parenthood’s Constitutional Challenge If successful, this could redefine the landscape of reproductive rights in Wisconsin and nationwide. But what does this mean for the average Wisconsinite, and why is it such […]

Black Californian Families Opt for Apology Over Pending Cash Payments in Historic Reparations Decision

Black Californian families have been waiting decades for reparations due to the disgraceful racism from lawmakers, and now they have their wish. Still, the lack of cash payments has already sparked disagreement. Groundbreaking Reparations in California California lawmakers made history by introducing the nation’s first set of reparations bills, but they won’t require any financial […]

BP Sends Mixed Messages on Sustainability Goals as Company Complains of Financial Strain

BP CEO advocates for shareholder returns while navigating green goals, sparking contentious debate amongst environmental activists. Here’s the full story. Won’t Somebody Think of the Oil Companies? As humanity finds itself on a planet whose rapid overuse of scant resources leads to an impending climate catastrophe, few companies can claim as much blame as the […]

Wealth & Opportunity: 30 Reasons White Americans Are Still Privileged in the U.S. Today

White privilege refers to the societal advantages that white individuals often experience due to their skin color, leading to disparities in opportunities and treatment. This list highlights 30 examples of white privilege prevalent in America. #1. Representation in Media White individuals see themselves as positively represented and dominant in mainstream media, reinforcing cultural norms and […]

Avoid Life’s Pitfalls: 14 Unspoken Rules for a Better You

A crowd of happy spectators are in the movie, sitting in the chairs laughing at the movie they are watching and enjoying popcorn and drinks.

Do you ever notice how smoothly life flows when everyone adheres to certain unwritten rules? It’s like an invisible code of conduct we all intuitively understand. But when someone disregards these norms, it can ripple through our day, causing everything from slight annoyance to outright chaos. These unspoken rules might seem trivial, but they play […]