How Much Do Golf Clubs Cost? A Price Guide

The cost of golf clubs can be anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to over a thousand. It just depends on how much the investment is worth to you.

If you don’t play often, it’s probably better to start off on the lower end, and then if things progress you can give yourself an upgrade. There are around three million new golfers each year in the United States and you might be one of them.

You’re probably asking yourself “How much do golf clubs cost?” Keep reading to find out and see our price guide.

Beginner Club Pricing

Are you a first-time golfer? Perhaps you’ve played around or two with rental clubs or you’ve used your friends set? Maybe you want to get your child started on the golf course? Whichever the case a beginner’s set is the right choice for you.

Here a list of prices of beginner’s golf club prices and don’t forget if you need to you can always get golf club financing.

Taylor Made HL-3 Complete Blue Junior Set $169.99

The Taylor made Complete Blue for junior players is a great starter set for a young golfer. They’re high-tech golf clubs that will help make the game easier for a new golfer. Plus, you get a lifetime warranty when you purchase them.

Callaway Men’s Strata $329.00

The Callaway Men’s Strata clubs are a good choice for an adult beginner.

They’re extremely forgiving and they come equipped with the 5-hybrid fairway wood to help you hit longer shots from the fairway. The driver has a 460cc head that offers a bigger sweet spot.

Golf Clubs for Intermediate Player’s

If you’re cool with paying for a little bit higher cost of golf clubs, and you play more often, intermediate clubs are a good way to go. Maybe a friend loaned you a set of their old clubs but now you’re ready to get your own?

Check out these golf club prices for intermediate players:

Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra $278.77-$429.99

For a great choice in intermediate golf clubs check out the Wilson Ultra set. They’re weighted with a special design to improve your distance and accuracy.

Pine Meadow Golf PGX $399.99

These clubs have a slick look to them with great grips to ensure a nice feel of the ball. These clubs can be on the heavier side but that’s a good thing for certain players.

Clubs for Advanced Golfers

Do you play golf three to four times a week? Are you scoring around 80 and below? Then a more advanced level set is right for you.

Check out these prices:

Taylor Made Sim Max Irons $749.94-999.99

These clubs are made with Fujikura Memphis Blue Graphite. They hit smooth and solid. They come with speed bridge supports for low vibration and help you get more speed and distance.

Callaway 2019 Apex Irons $1,312.50

If you’re a good “ball striker” this set is right for you. These forged irons provide great distance with a soft feel. They have a mild carbon steel body which allows for great shot-making.

How Much do Golf Clubs Cost?

As you can see the answer to the question “How much do Golf Clubs Cost?” is pretty spread out. You can get some cheaper clubs when you’re a beginner and intermediate level golfer.

However, when you start playing with the big boys you’ll be shelling out quite a bit more cash. Check out our All Things Finance blog for more great financial tips.

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