Membership Stores That Offer One Time Pass

Membership Stores That Offer One Time Pass

There are a lot of great membership stores that you might be interested in using to get great deals. However, you don’t want to sign up for a full membership before you know whether or not it’ll be worth it. So, it’s smart to look for membership stores that offer one time pass. That way you can try it out. At the least, you’ll save some money for the day. At best, you’ll discover that the membership really is worth your money.

Why Try Membership Stores That Offer One Time Pass

Frugal people look for a deal anywhere that they can get it. A one-time pass gives you the opportunity to get low membership-only prices without actually having to pay for a membership. This can be a really awesome way to save money on a variety of different items.

Additionally, there are definitely membership-only stores that are worth their annual fee. If you find one that you like using their one day pass, then you can commit to signing up for the full deal. Try before you buy is always a smart way to approach big expenses.

Warehouse Stores With One Time Pass

Many people want to know about warehouse membership stores that offer a one time pass.

For example, Sam’s Club used to offer a one time pass. However, they no longer make that offer. Sam’s Club costs $45 or $100 annually, depending upon the plan that you choose. However, they do allow you to cancel your membership for a refund. So, if you try it for one day and want to cancel, you’re able to do so.

Similarly, Costco doesn’t offer one-day memberships. However, they allow you to cancel your membership for a refund. Plus there are ways to shop at Costco without a membership.

BJ’s offers a one-day ONLINE free membership pass. You enroll on the site. Then you have twenty four hours to shop online as though you’re a member. This is only available for their “ship it” items – not their pickup or delivery items. This is a great way to get a one-time warehouse price on BJ’s online items.

Other Memberships With One Time Pass

If you enjoy traveling then you might want to check out the United Club Membership. It gives you access to the United lounges at airports. Therefore, you can sit comfortably in a quiet space while waiting for your airplane. More than that, you get to enjoy free beverages, snacks, and WiFi. Plus you get help with your United travel needs such as seat assignments. A regular membership costs $650. However, you can get a one-time pass for just $59. Enjoy the perks of luxury travel.

If you love to go to the gym then you should definitely check out one-time passes at all of the gyms near you. For example, 24-Hour Fitness offers a three-day free pass. Most gyms offer the chance to try out their facilities. Therefore, you can hit up a lot of gyms at no or low cost. Then if you find one that you love, you can sign up for a full membership. However, you’re under no obligation to do so.

Free Trial Memberships

Alternatively, many different places and services offer free trials for their memberships. In other words, you sign up for a membership. The first x days are free then you start getting charged. If you cancel before the trial period is over, it’s free. Amazon Prime and Ancestry are just two examples of such offers.

Guest Passes

Finally, ask around among your network to see about getting guest passes. These are one-day passes that allow you to get membership services if you’re with a registered member. Gyms, wine tasting rooms, and other membership clubs often offer these.

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