Odd but Valuable Collectibles You Owned

Odd but Valuable Collectibles

Many of us have collected odds and ends. When I worked at an aquarium, you would find people collecting thimbles and souvenir pens. As a kid, beanie babies and barbie dolls were hot collectors’ items. While those were the trends, there are many more valuable items out there. I bet if you took a look around your home right now, or if you think back long and hard, you will remember some odd but valuable collectibles.


Old Signage

If you ever look at that show Backyard Pickers, you know signs are big. If you are fortunate to have some of your parent’s or grandparents’ things packed away, look for popular signage. Among the most valuable vintage signs are porcelain enameled signs from Germany, tin 7up signs, tobacco, popular drink companies, and anything Coca-Cola. These signs can fetch as much as $1,000 for mid-level collectible signs and much more if they are extremely rare. Entry-level signage can be upwards of $300. Here are some of the rarest signs on the market.

Vintage Tupperware

Tupperware is not that odd. Most of us have some form of it in our homes. Mines are mostly cheap stuff, but I know a few people with the real deal. If you have actual brand name Tupperware items from pre-1980’s you may be in luck. While many of these items were below $5 back in the day, Tupperware items in really good condition can net you around $65 today. The rarest Tupperware pieces include Bell Tumblers, the Millionaires Collection salt and pepper shakers, and the Harvest Gold water pitcher with the Tupper insignia. Pink Tupperware is also extremely rare and collectible.

McDonald’s Toys

As a kid, I always remembered going to Mickey D’s. Not only did I love the food, but I always wanted to get a special toy to play with my meal. While I never held on to the toys I received, maybe you did. Check around the house, the toy bins, and old boxes, you may have some odd but valuable collectibles. The top collectibles include The first line of Mattel branded Hot Wheel cars from 1983, the 1987 Potato Head Kids, Jerry the Minion 2013, the 1996 101 Dalmatians Box set, and Teenie Beanie Boos. These items range from $40 to $450.

Check out the posted video for more odd but valuables collectibles you may have hanging around. For more content keep following us.

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