One Week Into No Spend October

Well folks, we’re one week into no spend October. I’m not going to lie, things have been hectic so far. My bestie is in town, I’m catering multiple events each week and then there’s just life in general. Things are happening people!

Short story: it’s been a little bit trickier this time around. October is just a crazy busy month for me. I have my focus really split and everything seems to be THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. I’m even finding it hard to make time for blogging!

Slightly longer story: I’m still doing it! I haven’t spent any money on food so far. My catering is way up this month and I’ve already done five events. That means so many leftovers! I’ve tweeted some of my meals but here they are for those who missed the magic.


One of my breakfasts last week: the portabella mushroom and avocado are catering leftovers, the coffee is leftover from my housemates parents stay in town (the rented a house and stocked it up. We got all the leftovers when they left!) and the egg came from my chickens. 100% free!


One of my dinners last week: sauteed and seasoned chicken with roasted potatoes, sauteed broccoli and yellow squash. All completely left over from a catering event the night before. Once again, 100% free!

I filled up my gas tank for $15.05 this week and have been staying on my biking game. Unfortunately, because I’m catering so much and taking a LOT of meetings this month I am driving more than I expected. I’m carpooling/walking/biking when I can though! I was able to have two days last week where I didn’t use my car at all. If I can keep that up hopefully I’ll be able to stick to my $30 gas budget.

I just feel really stretched thin this month already and I haven’t been able to focus in on this spending diet the way I did in February. When I was paying off debt it was always on my mind. Simply trying to save has been much easier to push to the back burner. I do consider myself a frugal person overall but when you’re trying to do a total ban on spending it requires attention! I just haven’t been giving it the attention it really deserves. 

So one week in I’m feeling good but not great about no-spend October. I’m committed to making it happen though, so send good vibes my way!

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