Denver’s Sanctuary City Status Under Pressure with $180 Million Budget Cuts

Denver, the sanctuary city, is reportedly removing its migrants from shelters across the city due to straining the budget and a lack of resources.

Southern Border Crisis

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With the ongoing migrant crisis on the Southern border, many cities in the U.S. are taking in more than they can handle.

Overcrowded Shelters in Denver

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Cities like Denver have faced the challenge of accommodating around 800 migrant families, with 140 families already ejected and 660 more expected to be removed in the coming weeks.

Annual Budget Cuts Announced

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“This influx of migrants is straining capacity, and based on current projections, could force the city to cut as much as $180 million from its annual budget,” a statement from the city said.

Struggling Resources in Sanctuary City

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Denver is running out of aid finances as it copes with the ongoing rise in migrants.

Texas Transfers Migrants

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Texas Governor Gregg Abbott implemented a migrant bus program where families can obtain voluntary bus tickets to sanctuary cities like Denver and New York.

City Officials Enforce Time Limits

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Denver’s state officials impose limits on the duration migrants can stay in state-provided rooms due to overcrowded shelters and overwhelmed hospitals.

The Cost of Crisis

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According to research, the voluntary bus ticket scheme has cost sanctuary cities $12.7 million so far, and 8900 migrants have traveled.

Mayor’s Concerns

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Denver Mayor Mike Johnston expressed concern, stating the city is at full capacity and faces a challenging decision to manage the ongoing crisis.

Hotel Rooms at Full Capacity

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“We have filled every single hotel room that we have available in the city and county of Denver,” Johnston said.

A Worry for the Future

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“Now we have the terrible decision that if we don’t start exiting folks, we will have 250 folks that will arrive today or the day after who don’t have anywhere to go at night,” Johnston continued.

Shelter Pauses Due to Weather

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Denver initially paused shelter exits due to colder weather, but now, with the issue of space, people are being evicted again despite freezing temperatures.

Free Bus Ticket Scheme

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According to Kyle Harris of Denverite, “The city has been offering immigrants who want to go to another part of the country free bus tickets.”

New York and Chicago

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“The most popular cities people want to go to currently are New York and Chicago,” Harris said, where migrants have a greater chance of being given sanctuary.

2000 Bus Tickets in January

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The city purchased 2000 bus tickets in January alone to give out to migrants, giving them a better chance of finding shelter during the cold weather.

Migrants with Children Stay 37 Days

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Migrants with children were initially allowed to stay for 37 days, but the city faces the dilemma of managing increasing numbers arriving daily.

Rising Costs for Migrant Support

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According to the city’s website, “As of Monday, Feb. 5, 2024, Denver has supported 38,380 migrants from the southern border at a cost of more than $42 million.”

A Helping Hand

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Harris also called the rise in citizens of Denver willing to help migrants on the ground “inspiring,” as volunteers flood to do what they can.

Thousands of Volunteers

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“There have been thousands of Denverites who’ve organized themselves to support the new immigrants,” he said.

City’s Health System Strained

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The surge in migrants stressed Denver’s health system, leading to about 20,000 visits to Denver Health last year, contributing to a financial deficit of around $22 million.

Numbers on the Rise

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The numbers of financial strain keep rising, yet the migrants don’t stop coming, mainly due to right-wing states like Texas putting too much pressure on sanctuary cities.

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