What Influences A Person to Impulse Buy

As an avid shopper and lover of all things frugal, I absolutely love hitting the stores to catch deals. While we all like fresh new, and exciting things, sometimes we overdo it. There are some people who take shopping too far. They spend frivolously on things beyond their budgets and stock up on items that we have no use for. Join us in learning what influences people to impulse buy and steps to overcome it.


Sometimes when a person is sad, depressed, or having other negative emotions, impulse buying can be comforting to them. In the midst of their negative feelings, it can bring them a sense of joy and amusement. Furthermore, it can act as positive emotional support through social interaction.

Tip to Overcome:  Nurse your feelings at home though meditation, exercise, self-expression, or other positive measures before heading to the store.


Discounts and deals can be very encouraging to shoppers. If the deal seems too good to pass up, it compels the shopper to acquire the item whether they need it or not. Additionally, if the deal is really good, the person may buy in excess so they don’t miss out. They often think they can share with family and friends, as a way to convenience themselves they need to make the purchase.

Tip to Overcome: Don’t be fooled by a discount. Look up store discounts and deals before you go into the store. Make a list to include those items and quantities so you don’t go overboard.

Access to Money

Sometimes readily available funds can lead to overshopping. Right around payday, windfalls, or a surplus after bills, is a great time to go shopping. We go in and get what we need. Sometimes after getting the necessities, that extra money seems to propel us to get things we don’t require. Some times we splurge, and other times we go right overboard and are shocked at the total at checkout.

Tip to Overcome: If you’re in the store and realize there are more things in your cart then you care to pay for its time for an evaluation. Take out each item, above what’s on your list. Ask yourself, “Do I need this?” Look at the price of the item and ask yourself is it something you will use. If not, then put it back. This will help edit your cart to only the things you need.

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