7 Tips On How to Dress For Less

Dressing for the Weather

Dressing for the weather often means putting on a lot of layers. Of course, each layer that you add cost you something. The more layers that you need to stay warm, the more you might have to spend on clothes. Here are 7 tips on how to dress for less money, even when dressing for the weather.

1. Make Sure Your Closet is Organized

When you’re dressing for the weather, you need to know where each different layer is located. If you’re disorganized with your clothing, then this can be hard to figure out. Therefore, it’s worth it to take time to re-organize your closet.

Separate out each layer onto its own self, drawer, or container:

  • Underwear with separate piles for long johns, first-layer t-shirts, etc.
  • Different weights of t-shirts, blouses, and sweaters
  • Jeans and other pants
  • Dresses and skirts, which you might layer over leggings if you’re dressing for the weather
  • Leggings, tights, etc.
  • Coats and jackets
  • Scarves and other accessories worn when dressing for the weather

Getting very well-organized will help you mix and match better. This contributes to dressing for less in a few ways:

  • You don’t buy doubles of things because you can see clearly what you already have.
  • Planning out your clothing for the week is easier, so you don’t “run out” of clothes.
  • It will be easy to see gaps in your clothing supply so that you can shop smart when it is time to shop.

2. Shop Secondhand

When it comes time to shop for clothing, shop used. This is an important aspect of ethical fashion consumption because it keeps good clothing out of the landfills. Moreover, secondhand clothes save you money.

You can shop secondhand in person, of course. But don’t forget to consider online secondhand clothing shopping as well. Just remember to weigh the costs, include the shipping, and look for bargains.

3. Swap Clothes With Others

You can trade clothes online with others through a variety of different channels. Moreover, you can host clothing swaps among your own circle of acquaintances.

This is a great way to add new clothing to your closet without spending any money. Moreover, you declutter the things that you don’t want that are just taking up space.

4. Keep An Eye Out For Free Clothing

Regularly check the “free” sections of sites like NextDoor, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. Sometimes people just don’t want their clothing anymore and so they give it away for free. Obviously, these are also good resources for very low-cost secondhand clothes.

5. Ask for Hand-Me-Downs

Put the notice out to all of your friends, family, and social media connections that you’re looking for gently-used hand-me-downs. You might be surprised by how many people in your network are willing to go through their closets to give you a few things.

6. Use Gift Cards, Credit Card Points, and Coupons

If you do want to buy new clothing at some point, then find ways to do so without spending a lot of cash. Start by checking out your credit card rewards points. Do you have the option of buying clothing – or buying yourself gift cards to stores where you can buy clothing? If so, that’s essentially free money to purchase clothes. Coupons, clearance sales, and outlet stores are additional options when you’re dressing for less.

7. Shop Quality

One of the biggest problems with the fast fashion industry is that the clothing isn’t made to last. It’s worth it to spend a little bit more on high-quality, durable clothing that wears well and will last season after season. In the long run, you save money. Plus you help the environment. In particular, when dressing for the weather, select a few high-quality layering pieces that you can re-use every winter for years to come.

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