Am I Hooked on Brand Name Tech?


I don’t consider myself to be someone who cares about brand name tech. After all, my clothes are all secondhand. I never check the name on the label when I purchase them. I’m totally comfortable getting the store brand of things like over-the-counter medication. I don’t believe in paying more for a brand name. And yet, there are two tech-related brands that I admit to being hooked on: Apple and AT&T.

Brand Name Tech: Comfort and Familiarity

The main reason that I’m committed to these two brand names is because I’m used to them. I’ve always been the kind of person who wants to learn a technology and then forget about it. I’m fine with sticking to Instagram and never learning Snapchat or Tik Tok. So, once I got comfortable with the iPhone and my Mac desktop, I never wanted to switch away. I simply don’t want to have to adjust to a new layout.

It’s Been Good Being a Mac Person

It was hard for me to make the switch from PC to Mac for exactly the reason described above. However, I did so over a decade ago. And I was happy to do it. I’ve never wanted to go back. I love the Mac platform. Moreover, I find that I almost never have problems with my Mac computers like I frequently did with my PCs. Therefore, for me the added cost has been well worth it.

Being Hooked on iPhone Probably Costs Me

Although it’s also an Apple product, of course, I’m not sure that being hooked on iPhone is as good of a choice as being hooked on Mac computers has been for me. I never thought I would be this way. Honestly, I couldn’t believe that there were people out there in those early iPhone lines at the Apple store, eager to pay thousands of dollars for a phone. For years past the time when others had given up their flip phones, I loved my tiny little Nokia.

However, I eventually switched to iPhone. And now I do feel a little bit stuck. I’m familiar with the layout. I know the way that the apps work. When I get a new phone, it’s easy to put everything from the old one straight onto it. Additionally, it syncs up with my computers, which eases certain other things.

But truth be told, the iPhone is expensive. Moreover, I swear the quality has gotten worse and worse with each version. I actually do believe that there are phones that are as good, if not better. Plus, I think there are probably much cheaper options. However, I doubt I’ll switch unless the iPhone gets so bad that it’s worse trying to use it than trying to learn a new platform.

They’ve Definitely Hooked Me on Brand Name Tech Loyalty

When I decided that I wanted a tablet, I didn’t even shop around. I immediately just bought an iPad. Therefore, it’s obvious that Apple has me as a brand-loyal customer. Obviously, this isn’t the frugal choice. This is definitely something for me to think about.

AT&T Won Me Over

I’ve had the same cell phone provider, more or less, for nearly two decades. It’s changed a few times only because I had a small company that was bought by a larger company that was then bought by AT&T. However, it’s been AT&T for at least a decade-and-a-half.

Over the years, I’ve thought about switching to another service. There are always great introductory offers from the competitors. Plus there are those more affordable services with “light” plans or pay-as-you-go plans. However, I’ve never made the switch. I’ve always had a really good customer service experience with AT&T. I’ve never had issues with dropped calls, etc. So, I feel like they’ve done well for me and I’ll stick with them.

Ultimately, it’s still a case of “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t,” right? I could try another service that is a lot cheaper and might still be as good. But I’m afraid of the inconvenience. I like what I have.

Do you have brand loyalty with your technology? Or with other products? Share in the comments.

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