Public Distrust: Trump and Biden Ratings Drop in Face of Economic Uncertainty

A new poll conducted by ABC News/Ipsos has revealed some interesting statistics about the upcoming election and shed some light on the public’s opinion of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

American Voters’ Dissatisfaction

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According to the poll data, American voters are dissatisfied. Neither Trump, nor Biden have come off strongly in the new poll data – which surveyed 536 adults between March 8-9. 

Poll Data Overview

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The data seems to indicate that Americans are split almost evenly over the upcoming election.

Trump and Biden’s Favorability Ratings

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Both presidential hopefuls have low favorability ratings, with respondents indicating that only 29% had a favorable impression of Trump compared to 33% for Joe Biden. 

Low Favorability Ratings for Both Candidates

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Over 20% of Americans aren’t a fan of either candidate, and recent polling has consistently shown that both Trump and Biden are overwhelmingly more unpopular than they are popular – a point that experts argue could make all the difference when it comes to election day.

Unpopularity of Trump and Biden

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Among this 20% cohort that views both presidents unfavorably, only 19% trust Trump to do a better job than Biden, who is polling at 9% within this group. 72% of these people don’t trust either candidate.

Who Do Americans Trust?

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When it comes to who Americans are placing their trust in to run the country, Trump is leading the charge – albeit on a tiny margin. 

A Lack of Trust in Either Candidate

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36% of Americans trust Trump to lead the U.S., while only 33% trust Biden. The remaining 30% trust neither candidate.

National Polling Trends

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Trump and Biden have been polling on a level pegging nationally, with just a few points between them – and this latest poll reinforces that data.

Party Affiliation and Trust in Candidates

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Republicans place more faith in Trump to lead the country, at 82%, than Democrats place in Biden, who is polling at 72%. Only 32% of Independent voters trust Biden, and only 31% trust Trump, with 37% trusting neither.

Approval Ratings on Key Issues

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The polling has also revealed that voters approve more of Trump’s handling of issues than Biden’s. 

Economic and Inflation Approval Ratings

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On the economy, Trump is sitting at 49% approval, compared to Biden’s 37%, and inflation places Trump at 45% approval, compared to 31% for Biden.

Approval Ratings on Social and Environmental Issues

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On hot-button issues like abortion, climate change, and immigration, Biden is still polling higher – between 10-12 percent higher in every situation except immigration – in which Biden’s approval is a low 29% compared to Trump’s 45%.

The Potential Impact of Trump’s Legal Issues 

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Experts predict that Trump may lose political sway as November approaches due to his criminal trial proceedings. They argue that once these trials begin, voters may begin to change their opinion.

Biden’s Handling of Middle East Crisis

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However, experts also predict that Biden may lose even more support over his response to the crisis in the Middle East. Currently, Biden is polling at around 30% approval for his handling of the war, down from 41% in October. 

Democratic Party’s Internal Struggles

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This is an issue that the Democratic party is struggling with, as some Democrats have told Biden they won’t back his presidential bid if he doesn’t change his stance.

However, experts think that when push comes to shove, they will vote for Biden over the prospect of a Trump presidency.

Biden’s State of the Union Address

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Biden’s State of the Union Address last week, in which he used his platform to reassure voters about his age and shore up support, did little to improve his standings in the polls.

While roughly 30% of Americans said that his speech was better than they expected (against 12% who said he performed worse than expected), his approval rating on all these issues did not change.

52% of Democrats thought Biden’s speech outperformed their expectations, while only 12% of Republicans agreed.

Polling Averages in Critical Swing States

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On a national level, polling averages from ABCNews’s 538 show Trump leading in critical swing states. In Arizona, Nevada, George, and Wisconsin, Trump is commanding an almost ten per cent lead.

In potential swing states, like Pennsylvania and Michigan, Trump is polling slightly higher than Biden.

Nationwide Polling Estimates

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Nationwide estimates put Trump and Biden at a 51/48 result – although experts argue that this is a volatile metric and could change entirely by November.

Delegate Counts for Trump and Biden

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This polling news comes in a week in which estimates show that both Trump and Biden have secured enough delegates to win their parties’ presidential nominations. 

A Trump/Biden Battle for 2024

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Neither will officially become their nominee until the summer conventions; however, this indicates that the Trump/Biden fight for 2024 is almost inevitable.

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