Frugal Living Blog Roundup: What You’ll Want To Read If You’re Not Already

I hope you’re visiting this frugal living blog because you find it both interesting and helpful. Of course, it’s not the only frugal living blog out there. There are so many different styles and approaches. The more that you read about frugal living, the more that you can learn. Not sure what other frugal living blogs to read? Here are some of my favorites.

Counting My Pennies

The blogger started this as a way to stay accountable to budgeting and saving money. That’s what frugal living is all about. The blog continues to share lots of helpful tips and insights about how to save money. For example, a recent post covers how to save money when shopping online. Another discusses splitting expenses when moving in with a partner.

Ditching Suburbia

Living in the suburbs used to be the dream. Then it became a nightmare. Now many people, myself included, prefer to live in cities. However, cities are expensive. This blog looks at how to embrace frugal living in a way that makes it possible to leave the suburbs behind for good. It’s a unique take, which makes me love the articles here. Plus, they have their own great list of frugal living blogs if you’re looking for more resources.

Money Saving Mom

This blogger says it well herself, writing “I am passionate about living simply and frugally, and I strive to help my readers do the same.” It’s one of the frugal living blogs that will alert you to coupons and deals. She also shares money-saving tips and hacks. The blog is accented by personal life posts that give it that extra touch.

One Hundred Dollars a Month

This blog is the complete opposite of the aforementioned blog Ditching Suburbia. It’s all about embracing suburban life with an eye towards saving money. Specifically, it’s about living frugally through gardening, remodeling, and downsizing. Most of the tips don’t apply tome. Nevertheless, I like this blog. Frugal living blogs like these allow me to glimpse into lives that are completely different from my own. Plus, some things apply no matter where you live.

Six Figures Under

This blogger primarily shares reports about her own family’s budget. They aim to reduce debt, so there are reports specific to that. For example, she recently did a no-spend month, which was followed by a month of budgeting $300 for groceries. If you like frugal living blogs that provide specific insight into how one family saves money, then this one is for you.

The Frugalpreneur

It always feels like you have to have money in order to start a business. However, if you’re working a job to earn money, then it’s hard to find time to start a business. It’s a big Catch-22 that limits entrepreneurship. This blog shows it doesn’t have to be that way. You can start a business frugally.

The Frugal Living Girl

I love frugal living blogs that are written by women. After all, as a woman myself, I can relate to that perspective on saving money. This blogger aims to “write about cheerful frugal living.” As a result, this blog has a sense of pep and fun. She has a whole section devoted to “what I spent/ what I ate” that details exactly that. If you’re interested in how people live frugally when it comes to their meals, these posts are insightful. They’re also funny. The subtitle of the most recent one was, “I am a marinating fail.”

Wise Bread

If I had to choose one favorite comprehensive personal finance blog then it would be Wise Bread. The blog isn’t entirely about frugal living. However, it’s frugal living section is strong. Sub-channels in the frugal living category include budgeting, DIY, and shopping. Popular articles include those on how to downsize and maximizing credit card rewards.

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