How I Wasted $20 on Stitch Fix

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It’s important to own your money mistakes. That’s why I wanted to tell you about how I wasted $20 on Stitch Fix. Sure, $20 isn’t a huge sum of money. Nevertheless, those dollars add up. So, this experience was a reminder to me to be careful about my spending choices.

What Is Stitch Fix?

If you’re not familiar with it, Stitch Fix is an online shopping platform. Of course, it’s also available as an app. The concept is that you essentially get a “personal stylist” to select clothing for you. They send you a selection of clothing. Then you decide what to keep. You only pay for what you keep.

Why I Thought It Was a Good Idea

Honestly, I was bored. I was scrolling through my phone. Therefore, I decided it would be fun to try the Stitch Fix app. Truth be told, it was fun. You get to browse through a bunch of different outfits. You vote them up or down so that your stylist can get a sense of what clothing you might like. Obviously, getting a package of surprise clothes in the mail is also fun.

Why I Had Buyer’s Regret

Although I had fun browsing the app, I instantly had buyer’s remorse. Here’s why:

  • I don’t actually like buying new clothes. I believe in buying secondhand. The exception is when I buy directly from sustainable small businesses and indie makers. Therefore, I didn’t want the clothes that I’d just agreed to have sent to me.
  • The clothing on the site is more expensive than I would ever normally pay for clothing. Don’t get me wrong; the prices are reasonable for people who typically shop in department stores. However, I have a low clothing budget.
  • I didn’t even consider my budget. There wasn’t room in my budget this month for any clothes shopping at all. This was the big mistake.
  • My closet is already full. I do want some new-to-me clothes. However, I was committed to decluttering before I brought anything new in. The ease of online shopping made me forget that commitment.
  • It turns out that I don’t want a personal stylist. Choosing my clothes is most of the fun of shopping. So, this wasn’t right for me.

How I Wasted $20 on Stitch Fix

Okay, so this doesn’t sound like a huge deal, right? The way that Stitch Fix works is that they send you the clothes. They also send you a return shipping bag to send back anything that you don’t want to keep. You put the items into the pre-paid shipping bag, return them, and that’s that. So, I did that. I received my five items, knew that I didn’t want them, and I immediately sent them back.

However, there’s a catch. On Stitch Fix, you pay a $20 “styling fee.” The idea is that you’re paying someone for their “time and expertise” to select clothing for you. If you keep any of the clothing, the fee goes towards paying for it. Therefore, if you love Stitch Fix, then you don’t really pay anything extra. However, since I didn’t keep anything, I paid that $20 fee for absolutely nothing. It’s non-refundable. So, that’s how I wasted $20 on Stitch Fix.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

Clearly, Stitch Fix isn’t the right app for me. If I want to do online clothes shopping, I’m going to use ThredUP instead. However, that doesn’t mean Stitch Fix is a bad app. Many people would absolutely find it worth it. It can be great for you if:

  • You enjoy getting a selection of items in the mail to try out.
  • Someone selecting clothes for you sounds like fun.
  • You’re seeking to change up your personal style and want some help doing so.
  • You often shop in department or boutique stores so the prices are comparable to what you usually pay for clothing.
  • Online clothes shopping appeals to you.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What do you think of it?

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