4 Fun Money Apps to Gamify Your Finances

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Sometimes I think it’s ridiculous how many gamification features apps have today. We shouldn’t have to get rewarded every time we do something online or on our phones. Nevertheless, there’s a reason that they’re so popular; gamification works. The human brains loves the reward of games, so if an app uses game features then we’re more likely to use the app. Money apps that gamify personal finance aren’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, people often find money to be a serious, intimidating topic. Games make it more fun and accessible.

Here are four of the money apps that help gamify finances and make your money more fun …

1. Long Game

This app doesn’t just add game-like features to your personal finance experience. Instead, it rewards your money actions with access to actual games. With each game that you play, you have the chance to earn more money. If you enjoy playing games on your phone, then you might find that this is one of the best money apps for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the Long Game app.
  • Use it to open a free savings account. You can link it to your regular bank. There is no minimum deposit.
  • You get access to games. The more you deposit, the more games that you get.

Each time that you play a game on the app, you get the chance to win more money. There are various lottery-style games available. Additionally, you can play longer “savings mission” games. This app gamifies the experience of saving money. Therefore, you’re doing yourself a service while also opening up the opportunity to win both cash and cryptocurrency.

According to Forbes, the Long Game has given out more than $100,000 in prize money so far.

2. Givling

That same Forbes article describes several different money apps that gamify your finances. Givling is one of those. If you have student loan debt, then this is a way to try reducing it. Each day, you’ll go to the app to play trivia games. Each game gives you the chance to win money to pay down your student loan debt.

There are also some complex features of the game. The more involved you get, the more opportunities you have. In fact, you might win complete repayment of all of your student loan debt. However, there are things to watch out for with this app. Like many other money apps, you get the most when you put in the most. In this case, you are asked to give some money to the winnings pot. You don’t have to, but it increases your chances of winning. However, paying money to save money isn’t generally a good strategy, so eye your options carefully.

3. Qapital

This is one of the money apps that offers a variety of different tools to help you better manage your money. It uses gamification to make doing so more fun. For example, when you sign up, you set a savings goal such as “go somewhere” or “pay off debts.” You can create both short-term goals and long-term investment goals. You can even set up Joint Goals with others.

Furthermore, you can set “rules” that trigger saving. For example, a “round up” rule rounds up all of your spending and then puts the extra money into savings. However, if you really want to gamify your experience, then you should use the IFTTT (if this then that) rule. You link your Qapital app to other apps such as Twitter, then you create fun rules such as “every time X celebrity tweets, save Y amount.” It becomes fun to set different savings triggers. As a result, saving itself becomes less of a chore.

4. Fortune City

Do you enjoy the kinds of games that allow you to build your own virtual city? If so, then you would probably like money apps that incorporate city-building, right? Fortune City is exactly that kind of app. It’s a bookkeeping app that rewards you with city-building features for daily use of the tool. If you think bookkeeping is boring, think again. Here’s a quote from the Fortune City website:

“Grow your city and make your citizens happier! Recruit more citizens, earn more gold coins, create urban prosperity, and rank as a winner among your friends.”

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