President Biden Calls Out Corporations for “Price Gouging” Despite Decrease in Inflation

President Joe Biden sternly addressed corporations on Monday, accusing them of maintaining artificially high prices despite a slowdown in inflation and improved supply chains. Speaking at the launch of a new White House supply chain initiative, Biden called for an end to what he termed as “price gouging.”

Biden’s Stern Words

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“Any corporation that has not brought their prices back down, even as inflation has come down, even as the supply chains have been rebuilt, it’s time to stop the price gouging,” Biden asserted. “Give the American consumer a break.”

Inflation Dynamics

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While the annual rate of inflation has indeed decreased from its peak last summer, it’s crucial to note that this doesn’t equate to a direct decline in consumer prices. Instead, it signifies a slower rate of price increase. 

Thanksgiving Cost Relief

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Some everyday goods have seen a reduction in prices over the past year, leading to lower costs for events like Thanksgiving. 

Black Friday Boost

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This, in turn, has left consumers with more disposable income for activities such as Black Friday shopping, where U.S. online sales rose 7.5% this past weekend compared to a year ago.

Bidenomics in Focus

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In the context of Biden’s reelection bid, the White House seeks to portray these broader spending and pricing trends as victories for Bidenomics. 

A Public Sentiment Challenge

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However, convincing voters that Biden deserves credit for a robust economic recovery has proven challenging, as public sentiment consistently rates the president poorly on financial matters.

White House Acknowledges Concerns

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“We understand that people are still not feeling it, we get that,” acknowledged White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, addressing the skepticism ahead of the president’s supply chain event.

Targeting “Junk Fees”

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Focusing on so-called “junk fees,” which Biden described as fees “companies sneak into your bill,” presents the White House with an opportunity to directly showcase the president’s actions on behalf of consumers.

It also provides a convenient target in the ongoing blame game surrounding inflation.

Money Drains

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“Junk fees take real money out of the pockets of average Americans,” Biden emphasized.

“They can add up to hundreds of dollars, weighing down family budgets and making it harder for families to pay their bills.”

He expressed that consumers often feel deceived, stating, “They feel like they’re being played for suckers. Which they are.”

Post-Pandemic Price Surges

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As the U.S. emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic, prices surged. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the two years starting from April 2021, the average price of all goods rose by 13%. 

Food Price Shock

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Average food prices during the same period saw a massive increase of 20%.

These price hikes were driven by intense consumer demand, pandemic-related economic stimulus, and ongoing supply chain disruptions, putting significant strain on household budgets.

Biden’s Initiative to Tackle Supply Chain Challenges

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To sustain the momentum of the economic recovery, President Biden launched the Supply Chain Resilience Council, which aims to address supply chain challenges and prevent future shortages of crucial products such as drugs and semiconductors. 

30 Initiatives Announced

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Alongside the council’s establishment, Biden announced 30 initiatives to alleviate supply chain pressures.

A Battle Against Inflation

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In the ongoing battle against inflation, Biden’s call to end “price gouging” and tackle “junk fees” is positioned as a direct effort to alleviate American households’ financial burdens and demonstrate tangible actions in response to economic challenges. 

Observing the Effectiveness of Biden’s Economic Initiatives

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The effectiveness and impact of these initiatives on public perception remain key points of observation as the nation navigates its economic landscape.

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