Frugal Bottle: Wine in a Sustainable Paper Bottle

I keep a Google Alert on to notify me about frugal news. Anything that has to do with saving money interests me. Usually, I see a lot of the same tips and products. But this week a series of headlines for Frugal Bottle surprised me. While not “frugal” news in the traditional sense, this paper wine bottle product caught my eye.

What is Frugal Bottle?

Frugal Bottle is a wine bottle, made by Frugalpac, that is made almost entirely out of recycled plastic. It has a food grade liner on the inside. That keeps the wine from leaking through the paper, of course. It also keeps it fresh. And if you put your wine in the refrigerator, it helps keep it cold.

Benefits of Frugal Bottle

The number one reason that the Frugal Bottle interests me is that it’s good for the planet. The makers report that its carbon footprint is six times less than that of a glass wine bottle. It uses 77% less plastic than a plastic bottle of the same size. Plus, since it’s basically made of paper, you can easily recycle it to reuse again.

There are many reasons to be a frugal person. Concern for the environment is one of those reasons. It’s definitely one of the reasons that I care about recycling and reducing consumption. Therefore, a product that is sustainable fits in with my frugal lifestyle.

That’s not the only benefit to this paper wine bottle. Obviously, since it’s paper, it’s safer to take certain places where glass might break. I know that there are spots here where you aren’t allowed to bring glass bottles. These days, you can get wine in a can, but it’s nice to have another option like this paper bottle.

The manufacturers point out some benefits to businesses, too. The Frugal Bottle is something that the wine maker can produce at their bottling facility. This reduces shipping costs and overhead as well. They also emphasize that the design allows for bold designs all the way around the bottle. I admit that I do like a cute wine bottle, especially if I’m gifting the wine, so although that’s not necessarily a money-saver, it’s a bonus.

Will This Help Save Money on Wine?

Of course, I follow frugal news because I’m interested in ways to save money. Will Frugal Bottle help me save money on wine?

The answer isn’t quite clear yet. But there are things that indicate that it could.

Food and Wine notes that it is comparable in cost to producing a glass wine bottle. However, the Frugal Bottle weighs significantly less than other glass wine bottles. In fact, glass bottles weigh about five times as much as this lightweight bottle. Therefore, shipping costs have to be lower with this wine option.

Whether you get wine shipped directly to you through a wine club or you pay the markup for shipping when buying from a wine store, shipping costs are always incorporated into a product’s final cost for consumers. Therefore, at least theoretically, wine inside a Frugal Bottle should cost less than the same wine in a glass bottle.

You can’t currently get Frugal Bottle wine in the United States. However, you can sign up for alerts at the website, which I’ve done. That way I’ll be among the first to know if this wine becomes accessible near me.

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