Is It Legal to Live in an RV With a Child?

live in an rv with a child

Have you thought about what it would be like to live in an RV with a child? If so, then you’ve probably already considered some of the key issues that would arise. For example, you’ve thought about the limitations of the space. Will a small space work for you? What’s the right design? But you might have overlooked a very important first question: Is it legal to live in an RV with a child?

Things to Consider If You Want to Live in an RV With a Child

Before we dig into potential legal issues, let’s go over some other basic things that you will want to consider before you try to live in an RV with a child:

  • How much space do you need? How will you design the space for living?
  • Will you be traveling or parking? What are the benefits and drawbacks of RV life for a child?
  • Where will you be parking the RV to sleep at night? How can you assure safety for your child?
  • In what ways can you establish routines that will keep life consistent if you’re on the road?
  • How will you get breaks from one another as needed? What does one-on-one time look like?
  • What is your Plan B if you decide you don’t like to live in an RV with a child after all?

Living in an RV might be a romantic notion that you’ve always had. Alternatively, it might be an affordable option that money dictates as a necessity. Either way, it’s important to think about all of the different factors, especially before moving a child into an RV.

Is It Legal to Live in an RV With a Child?

The short answer is “yes, but …”

There are no state or federal laws against children living in RVs. However, there are certain laws that can intersect with this way of life. Here are the most important aspects:

Your children must get an education.

Obviously, in today’s world, there are many flexible options for homeschooling. However, you do need to have a plan. Children are legally required to attend school (usually to the age of 16, although there are exceptions in some states.)

Therefore, if you decide to live in an RV with a child and not educate them, then you can get in legal trouble – not for living in the RV but for failing to send your kids to school.

Your children’s health and welfare must be tended to.

Children can live perfectly well in an RV. However, you have to make sure that RV life is still conducive to their basic care. In other words, what’s your plan for medical care on the road? Are your children eating enough and bathing regularly? In most cases, this isn’t a problem. However, if your RV life gets too lax, you run the risk of interference from children’s services for neglect.

Zoning Laws for RV Parking

The other type of issue that you might run into isn’t specific to your children but to living in an RV. If you’re parking the RV, in which case it’s essentially a tiny home, then you need to learn about the zoning laws in your area. These laws vary from state to state. While living in an RV can be a convenient and affordable choice, it does require some education and planning to do it right.

Have you ever lived in an RV? What was the experience like? What would you suggest to someone who wants to live in an RV with a child?

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