Why Community Is So Important With Vaping

This girl’s got community. She’s beautiful.

When starting your own vaping business, you may have the best mods and the latest juice flavors, but none of that will matter if you don’t build a sense of community. Studies show that one of the main reasons people start vaping is because they want to join their friends. Vaping businesses capitalize on this trend and focus on making newcomers feel welcome.

Typically, when there’s a sale at a vape shop, the owners turn the event into a major affair, rather than trying to cycle customers in and out of the door as quickly as possible. These occasions can seem more like an informal gathering or even a party. How many times have you had that experience when going out to buy a pack of cigarettes?

Along with vaping products, the shop will usually stock exclusive merchandise. No one would consider buying a shirt to accompany their cigarettes. However, offering a collection of unique clothes and trinkets that the customers can share contributes to the sense of belonging. Once customers find a vape shop that makes them feel comfortable, they continue returning to that business, almost as if they are developing brand loyalty. Customers feel as though they are part of a club, further enhancing their dedication to your store.

Necessarily, vape stores tend to be smaller, so you won’t be able to accommodate a large staff.  Hiring the right people to work in the front of the store is critical. You’ll need to find the right balance between relaxed and professional, since they have to be able to easily converse with the customers, answer their questions accurately, while still being able to ring sales and keep the shelves stocked.

You can draw in customers by taking advantage of social media. Staying involved and in regular contact with customers further personalizes your business. Keep your followers apprised of upcoming sales, special events celebrating your customers, or get-togethers with fellow vapers. Social media is also the ideal platform to show off the aesthetics of your business. When you feature merchandise with eye-popping designs, they can quickly grab people’s attention.

When people go to your shop, it has to be more of a social experience as opposed to a chore when it’s time to restock on supplies. But then, you aren’t limited to a brick-and-mortar business. It’s possible to achieve similar results with an online business. Set up a website where your goal isn’t only functionality, but artistry and communication as well. If you can get people to visit your website and do more than just buy products, then your business will remain financially sound for years to come. Establish a forum for people to connect with each other, and create a regular newsletter that keeps customers apprised of new products in your store in addition to developments in the vaping industry.

Don’t be discouraged by potential roadblocks in setting up e-cig merchant accounts to process your online payments. There are companies that cater to businesses like vaping shops, with safeguards in place that maintain the integrity of the transactions and keep your customers’ data secure. You can’t build a devoted customer base unless you commit to protecting their personal information.

Image source: Pexels.

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