Museums 4 All

Museums 4 All
If you have kids, I know you are always searching for activities to engage them. Sometimes it’s playdates and parties, but other times you’re looking for more enriching ideas. One way to engage their creativity and provoke deeper thinking and imagination is through art. Museums could be a good start. If you would like your children to experience museums but do not have the money, Museums 4 All may benefit you.

What Is Museums 4 All?

Musumes 4 All is an enrichment program that opens museums to low-income families. Entry is reduced or free for eligible EBT/ SNAP enrollees with a valid card. The program is the first of its kind and offers entry to more than 1,000 museums throughout the United States. You can find programs in all 50 states that cover a range of focuses like history, art, anthropology, science, and more.

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up for the program is rather simple. First, you need to find participating programs near you. Once you decide which museum you want to visit, schedule your visit. Upon arrival, you must present a physical EBT card and ID. The museum will then let you know the price, which ranges from free to $3. There are no limits to how many sites you can visit or how many times you visit the same sites. Enjoy!

What Museums Are Included?

The museums that are available to you vary by state. You need to go to the website and click on the participating museums link. You can access your state or others you plan to visit from there. Where I live, there are 15 participating venues. They include the Georgia State Railroad Museum, Georgia Museum of Art, Atlanta Contemporary Museum, and the Smith-Gilbert Gardens.
If you want to immerse your kids in the arts, history, or science, the Museum 4 All program may be for you.

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