Simple Alternative Investment Platforms

There are so many ways to invest in your future. Aside from starting a side-hustle, you can invest in savings bonds, CD’s, and in the stock market. While these are tried and true investment strategies there are other simple alternative investment platforms you can use to turn a profit for your future. Follow along with a few I discovered recently.


If you like the idea of crowdfunding, Wefunder is for you. The app offers you a chance to invest in start-up companies before they hit big. The company has funded over 300 projects worth more than $132 million. Many projects have a minimum buy-in of $100+. You can invest in science, film projects, restaurants, mobile apps, and more using the platform. Be sure to invest in projects that are in line with your ideas and understanding. Be sure they have clear business plans, adequate financials, and a steady ROI plan to get your money back with sizeable interest. 


Real assets can encompass many types of things. Simple alternative real assets include oil, precious metals, and agricultural land. Collectible art and wine fall under this category as well. For wine investments, I recently found Vinovest, which has wines you can collect. They store the wine for you, ensure its authenticity, and insure it. You can drink your real asset or sale after it appreciates over time, usually 3-7 years.


When browsing the web I found a number of collectible alternate investment sites, though some were fairly new. Otis is one I came across. It allows you to invest in a piece of culture according to its website. Their investment collection has featured the Yezzy Collection, comic book cards, and contemporary art.

Remember, as with any investment, there is risk involved. Many alternative investments are highly volatile Make sure you adequately vet any of these simple alternative investment platforms before sinking in your money. Also, check out the posted video for more traditional alternative investment ideas.

Editors note: If you’re reading this because you’re interested in collectibles, consider reading PF Advices’s series on comic books. It got a good set of advice on investing in comics, storing your comics and which ones are most valuable.

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