8 Items That Can Help Reduce Electric Bill

Reduce Electric Bill

Due to COVID restrictions, many people are home more now than ever before. Therefore, home energy bills are going up. With concerns about finances at the forefront of our minds, now is not the time to have a high electric bill. Here are eight things that you can do today to reduce electric bill worries in your home.

1. Reduce Screen Use

How many electronic gadgets do you have plugged in right now? Think about all of your phones, tablets, smart speakers, laptops, and desktops. The more that you use them, the more energy you use in the home. You can reduce electric bill costs and improve your mental health at the same time by taking screen-free periods of time in your home each day. Don’t charge the devices then. Just rest everything.

2. Use Energy-Saving Modes on Devices

Of course, it’s the modern world, and that means you’re not going to go screen-free all day every day. If you have to work from home then you might need to use your screens most of the day. Nevertheless, you can save money on energy bills by using all of the energy-saving features on each of your devices. For example, you can set the brightness on your screens to be as low as comfortable.

3. Dress for the Weather Even Indoors

One of the best ways to reduce electric bill costs is to turn off your home heating and cooling systems. If it’s chilly in your house, wear socks and a sweater. If it’s hot in your house, try opening windows to get a breeze. As much as possible, dress for the weather, rather than relying on home heating or cooling to make you feel comfortable.

4. Follow the Sun Across Your Home

You don’t need to turn lights on across your whole house if you have windows that let in the sunlight. Start your day doing activities in the rooms of your house with East-facing windows. End your day in the rooms that have West-facing windows. Get as much natural light as possible. It’s healthy for you. It helps your body maintain its natural sleep-wake cycles. Plus the less you use home lighting, the more your reduce electric bills.

5. Use Solar-Powered Gadgets

Speaking of the sun, it’s a great source of energy. You might not install a solar panel array on your roof right now. Nevertheless, there are small ways that you can use the sun to power your home. Check out the options available for solar-powered gadgets.

6. Dry Dishes and Clothes By Hand

Skip the drying cycle on your dishwasher. Grab a towel and dry those dishes by hand. Alternatively, leave them on a drying rack. Likewise, skip the clothes dryer in favor of line drying your clothing. These machines use a lot of home energy and aren’t typically necessary.

7.Use Cold Water Instead of Hot Water When You Can

Many clothes can be washed in a washing machine using only cold water. And did you know that it’s just as effective to wash your hands with cold water as it is to use hot water? As much as possible, when using water in your home, choose cold water. That way, you don’t have the added electric bill costs of utilizing the hot water heater.

8. Reduce Cooking and Fridge Times

Use a toaster oven instead of the big oven. Eat raw foods like salads for one meal per day. The less cooking that you do at home, the less energy you use up. Likewise, don’t go into the refrigerator dozens of times throughout the day. After all, opening and closing that door uses up energy. Have a routine of snacks and meal times and keep that fridge closed as much as possible.

What is the number one thing that you like to do to reduce electric bill costs in your home?

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