Super Bowl Food and Entertainment For Less

Super Bowl Food and Entertainment For Less

The big game is happening Sunday. I am so excited. I just got done decorating the kitchen at my job to celebrate with my clients! If you’re excited about the big game and you’re hosting a party, but need ideas to keep it simple and affordable, here are a few ways to get your Super Bowl food and entertainment for less.


For food, I went straight to TikTok. They have a lot of information on affordable eats for your Super Bowl party. From there I learned to make pretzel dogs, chicken biscuits, and wings! I know what you’re thinking, wings are expensive, but a few deals are going on that you can take advantage of before the big game. I got my wings at Kroger for $5.49 a bag, and the Tysons Anytizer boneless wings are on sale at Publix. The Tyson’s wings were on BOGO, and there was a Publix digital coupon that made them $4 a bag. The biscuits for the pretzel dogs and chicken biscuits were also BOGO at Publix for under $2 each.


The decore is one of the most costly parts of putting on a party, but it does not have to be. I went for cheap and easy. To start, I ordered balloons that matched the Chiefs and Eagles colors. I used them to make two balloon arches and table runner garlands. The balloons are cheap and easy to assemble. It’s the only decor you need aside from tablecloths from Dollar Tree or Party City and team posters. The other decor items I opted to d.i.y. That included the pool noddle field goal, team signs with prediction sheets, and team-specific mini Christmas trees with printable ornaments.


Lastly, I opted for cheap entertainment. Options include games to play while the game is going on and during commercial breaks. All of the games that I am using were cheap or free to me. I went over to Etsy for NFL Super Bowl bingo which cost $5. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure Super Bowl board and will be a hit with my crowd. We also have prediction sheets I printed free offline and commemorative tickets for a raffle. Our free games include a touchdown dance-off, scoop the football game, and a football toss competition. It’s going to get competitive.

The big game is coming up in just a few days. Don’t get caught spending too much money or not having enough fun and entertaining things to do. Here are just a few ideas for Super Bowl fun and entertainment. Watch the post video for more.

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